Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas out there had a great day and got some even better books! Tis the season for reading until your eyes blur, after all. I got some of the books I've been hoping to read and plan on spending the duration of my break ensconced on the couch.

Yesterday I started and finished Matched by Ally Condie. And I loved it. It wasn't my favorite of YA dystopian novels, but the concept was thought provoking.

Imagine a world where disease has been eradicated, we are partnered with our perfect mate, and are assigned jobs based on our skill. Everything is clean and orderly and follows patterns. Sounds great on the surface, doesn't it? It would take so much stress out of life. But then we wouldn't get to make mistakes, wouldn't get to choose. That's what this book focuses on through the eyes of Cassia Reyes.

I'd recommend it.

Today I'm tackling Stardust by Neil Gaiman before my family arrives. Have a great Monday, everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Joining the Ranks...

of people who wear glasses. That's right, all it took was a quarter of college to turn my eyes against me. I spent a couple hours in a store picking out frames, getting tested, then finally getting them fitted.

Anywho, I'm looking for book recommendations. I'm completely out and now that I have absolutely no homework I don't know what to do with myself.

Send the suggestions my way! And happy holidays!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Well folks, I am back to the blog after Dead Week and the proceeding Finals Week. My word I'm exhausted. Learning and writing a ten page paper comparing the slave societies of Saint Domingue, Brazil, and Virginia inspired some pretty weird dreams, many of which have been written down as possible story ideas.

But anyways, hurrah! I completed my first quarter of college and can now spend the next two and a half weeks of break stuffing my face with homemade food, singing Christmas carols, watching movies, and WRITING :D

Oh it's going to be wonderful. I can flesh out Water Dance and Fire Crackle which has been spinning around in my head over the past two weeks. Maybe (it's unlikely, but maybe) I can have at least 30k by the time I head back to school.

What are you doing for the holidays? Any celebratory landmarks in writing, any Shiny New Ideas?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

You may be thinking, wow she's posting earlier than normal today. Don't get used to it. As it turns out my first and only in-class final this quarter is at 8:30am, and since I have to walk a half mile to get there, I had to get up earlier than I have all quarter.

I'm a grumpy Heather. When you look up "not a morning person" my picture is there with a signed cup of coffee reading "took you long enough."

Fun fact about me before I scurry off to prepare myself for this ghastly day: No matter how many hours of sleep I get beforehand, if I wake up earlier than 8, I am grumpy and exhausted for at least an hour. But, I can stay up till the wee hours and wake up at 8:30 and be perfectly fine.

And that, boys and girls, is an insight into the wacky little world of me. Now I'm going to go find my socks.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just Checking In

Hey, everybody! The official Dead Week is over, but now it's personal Dead Weekend at my university. I spent the week writing papers and going to classes, filling out evaluations, and trying desperately not to go nuts with the amount of work I have to do. Now all that's left is one ten page paper due on Wednesday, a three page paper due Monday, my final draft of another paper due Wednesday, and one in-class final to study for.

It's been quiet around here. One of my roommates spent the night with friends, and then today with them. The other roommate is staying with friends too. It's odd, having the place to myself for so long. I celebrated the end of the week by watching large amounts of The Big Bang Theory and not doing homework that I must now do today.

It's so odd to think that my first college quarter is over. In some ways it went by so quickly, and in others it feels like I've been here forever. Weeks themselves fly by, but I feel like it's been much longer than two and a half months since I moved here.

Next quarter is going to go well, I think. Currently I have a half mile walk to class 4 times a week. Next quarter I'll half that distance, which should do wonders for my muscle spasm in my back. Taking it easy like the doctor said is hard to do when you can't afford to miss class. But anyways, I'm taking a class on the Golden Age of Spain, and another about race in relation to power in America, and an entire course on listening to published writers talking about writing. Me = happy.

Hope all of you have had a lovely week, and I'll probably be back by Wednesday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee, Notifications, and Other Things

To those of you who are either in college, have been to college, or have siblings in college, you will know (and most likely shed a sympathetic tear) what I talking about hereafter. I am in Dead Week. Finals Prep Week, to the lay, but we college students know the truth. Hell week has also been used to designate this awful terrible horrible week.

In the next week I have to: Write a 3 page paper, write a 7 page paper, write a 10 page paper, write another 3 page paper, as well as organize my notes, keep on top of current homework and reading, and study for my big in-class English final in which I shall be writing 4 short paragraph responses and (you guessed it!) another essay.

Now I understand why at many colleges students will open their dorm windows at midnight and scream as loud as they can. For more interesting dead week traditions, look Here.

All of this to say, I may be AWOL on the blog this week because I have to do all this writing and studying and banging my head against the desk wondering why I'm an English major. On the flip side, I might use this blog as a way to procrastinate. Who knows.

So until next time, keep writing, reading, and drinking coffee. I know I will be.