Monday, July 11, 2016

The Crown

It's been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least. So I hope you'll forgive me for writing this review late. Hopefully I'll have some good news for you guys soon! I can't talk much about it now, but in the days to come...who knows. And no, it's not a book deal unfortunately. I am still chugging along with writing Spiral. In fact, I hit 30k last week! And I've plotted out an entire trilogy that's a fantasy retelling of Swan Lake, so that's fun too. But we're not here to talk about my writing endeavors. You want to know what I thought of The Crown by Kiera Cass, the final book in the Selection series which began many eons ago.

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Eadlyn's world has been turned upside down. Her mother has had a heart attack, leaving her father stricken and Eadlyn the acting regent. Her brother is on the other side of the world, and somehow she has to pick between the Elite suitors left at the palace. Eadlyn never expected love, but she loves parts of every boy who remains. But is that enough to base the rest of her life on? When elements outside the palace force her hand, Eadlyn must choose, and it might not be for love.

Sigh. These books. I've never been their biggest champion, but they've been enjoyable. Light, fluffy, with a side of romance. I adore that. If you don't believe me, read any review I've ever written of a Kristan Higgins book. But these last two books which extended the Selection series...they put me in mind of Cassandra Clare's books and how that series got stretched from 3 to 6 books. They seemed unnecessary. And unfortunately, so does Eadlyn's story. If it had been longer, I could have seen it working. The Selection is an interesting premise, and seeing it from the point of view of a girl who must choose could be very interesting. But these books are too short to really delve into it, and I was left feeling like so much was happening that I wasn't seeing that I couldn't connect with the characters. Eadlyn is unpopular and strives to understand how to be better. I want more of it. Eadlyn's childhood friend is trying to steal the throne. I want more of it. Two of Eadlyn's suitors fall for each other. I want more of it. Eadlyn's heart goes to someone else. I want more of it. There are so many good elements in this book, but none of them are fleshed out. There are huge reveals that don't feel earned. I am almost always saying a book can be trimmed. But this one needed fleshing out. The characters deserved it.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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