Saturday, January 7, 2017


So I fell off the wagon in getting up to date with my reviews, didn't I? I know, I know, I said I was going to finally do it. But then the holidays happened and I was busy eating my weight in cinnamon rolls and playing with my parents' dog. So I haven't done much reading or any writing? Did I mention how busy it's been? I've been doing incredibly important things like reading different recipes for soft caramels to understand the pros and cons of using evaporated milk versus heavy cream versus heavy whipping cream. This is life-changing stuff, people.

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Last spring, Nikki was sucked into the Everneath, the underworld which feeds off her energy and will eventually claim her forever. But right now, she's back on the surface and back in her old life, though nothing feels the same. She has six months. Six months before she's taken back tto the Everneath forever. So now is the time to say goodbye to everyone she loves. Her ex-boyfriend, her father, her brother. But seeing them again just makes Nikki want to cling to this life even more. She's determined to find a way to escape the Everneath. But the boy who took her there is determined they return together.

This book was a strange blend of confusing and rote. You have the hometown boy in love with the girl who doesn't know how beautiful she is. You have the bad boy who lusts after the same naive sweet girl. And you have some sort of cocoony underworld place that's separate from a place called the Tunnels which eventually goes tornado and sucks you off the face of the earth and eventually kills you. I have to admit, that was some unique world building. But I'm not sure I really understood it. Now, this could be the fault of the book, but more likely it's the fault of me. You see, I listened to this book on audiobook and my mind does have a tendency to wander sometimes so I could have missed a crucial part. But, suffice it to say, I didn't think that overall the underworld was developed enough to strike the same fear into me as it did into Nikki. The whole book is her trying to escape getting taken to the Tunnels, but they never scared me like they did her. Of course, I am going into the book knowing it's a trilogy so she can't possibly end up going to the tunnels, or at least not for long.

Goodreads Rating: 3 Stars
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