I am a born Northwesterner. Plain and simple, I adjusted to the rain and clouds while still in the cradle. I drink up the sun when I can, but I'm so pale I almost glow in the dark. I live happily from day to day with my family, friends, and one fun little Pomeranian.

I have loved reading since I can remember, and would even bring a book to recess. Over the years my love of the written word expanded (along with my book collection) and I started to write stories about talking horses, and dragons guarding treasure troves.  There were bumps along the road, times when I couldn't find time to read, or didn't have the inspiration to write. But they never lasted long enough that I forgot how important books are to me and others.

Now I am a college graduate, and I have completed six novels. I work in publishing and my novel Balancing Act was contracted by Entranced Publishing, and came out briefly in the spring of 2014.

In my spare time, I read and write new stories and bake dastardly things with chocolate.

Who knows where this calm little existence will take me? I sure don't have a clue!